Monday, November 23, 2015

I'm My Father's Son

Panama taxis! Yellow taxis seem so weird now haha

Divisions with Elder Ferrin! Hanging out in his new hammock hahaha.

I had a pet cat for a day

Mommy I'm scared! (NOT)

Happy Monday, everyone!
This last week was a productive one. We were able to find a lot of new people to teach, and the best part is that they're families! :)
      So the week was pretty standard, just that on Tuesday I went on divisions with Elder Ferrin. I love the guy so much. You sure do get to have a lot of real great friends here in the mission.
     After that it was to the brete! Brete is how they say work here, I've only heard the word here in zona sur.
     We got to cross a pretty legit rope bridge this week. Javier was super scared and did not appreciate me jumping up and down and side to side and running on it haha. I sure am my father's son sometimes.
     But on the other side of that bridge live some pretty awesome people. First we met a lady and her handicapped son, who is pretty lucid, has conversations and everything, and is super nice. He used to be able to walk alone but not anymore. So his mom and his grandma take care of him and live off of selling what they have on their little farm. They've got pigs, chickens, some crops, ducks, and this other type of duck who's got bed head haha. It's hair sticks up on the back of it's head. But yeah they're really cool and I just really love them  a lot. Really humble and the mom has a really positive outlook on life even though she's got to work really hard.
     After we met her she told us that her brother lived down a little trail, so we headed out to contact him.  He's a pretty cool guy. within five minutes of knowing him he looked at us all serious and asked who was the great whore of all the earth that Revelations talks about. But he understands the Bible really well and is really interested in the Restoration. He understands perfectly the Apostasy. It's pretty fun to teach him :)
     So yeah, that's the rundown. This week I'll hardly be with my companion, as we'll be on divisions 3 days of the week, and next week we hit the road to San Jose. Crazy how time flies.
-Elder Henry

Walking to the mini farm.
Pig on the mini farm..

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  1. Love these youngmen they are doing awesome work.