Saturday, March 29, 2014

San Jose Costa Rica Mission!

Spencer was absolutely thrilled with his mission assignment to Costa Rica, and the opportunity to become fluent in Spanish. Back when he studied Spanish his freshman and sophomore years at Prairie with Mr. Trevisanut he was REALLY hoping to be called Spanish speaking--of course at that time he expected to serve at age 19! What a blessing. He hasn't stopped grinning, over 24 hours later!  We were all so surprised and excited that he is reporting to the MTC at the earliest possible date.  Hurrah for Israel and hooray for young people who love the Lord so much that they want to express it by serving their fellow people.  He is a kind, warm, bright, funny, easygoing, hard working young man and will bless so many lives.

This grin hasn't left his face, yet!

 We gave him his "missionary gifts" after he attended Mission Prep class that night, an alarm clock, a camera, and a missionary journal.

Here is a cool link that has a lot of information about his mission:

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