Monday, July 14, 2014

Am I in the LEGO Movie? Because everything is AWESOME.

Am I in the LEGO Movie? Because everything is AWESOME. The first day has been sooo great and I just can't wait to go to bed so that I can wake up tomorrow and learn some EspaƱol! The Spirit is such a constant companion here it's great.

  • We had spaghetti but the Lord must've blessed my taste buds cuz it was good. (HE HATES SPAGHETTI! WHAT IS THIS PERSON?--Mom)
  • My teacher is so awesome and the class environment is very anxiety free. It's awesome.
  • I get ansy in meetings because I want to go study/have a heart to heart with my companion so bad haha.
  • My companion is so great Elder Carter is from Provo and he is a jock and I am a nerd but that just means we get to learn more from each other! We are both desirous to put our 110% in and I can already tell we're going to get along really well. 
Love you!

7/10 Hola Mama y Papa
¿Dande esta la casa de la Dani? No tengo.
What is Dani's address? I don't have it.
El dia segundo es muy bien.
The second day is very good.

I am loving it. I can speak Spanish and butcher it and nobody gives me a hard time. We all laugh at each other's mistakes but there is no malice.

Also, can you send a copy of my farewell talk to me, Valerie, and Drew? Gracias.

Necesito un copy of my Patriarchal blessing por favor.

I didn't know how to send a letter from here at first so that's why you get two at once.
Les amo! I love you guys people! (that word is not allowed here) Also, I say this to my (all Elder) District a lot:   "¡¡No Poden hablar con las hermanas!!" (Don't talk to the Sisters!)  I love my District they're great.  We are a dozen people!

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  1. The "haha's" have already started! Love his excitement and enthusiasm. He'll be great!