Tuesday, November 4, 2014


A nice view from an investigator's house :-)
same spot, but with a me in there

Haha Andres had this sitting out front of his house so we had some fun taking pictures with it :-) you spin it around in parades apparently and the hands punch people haha... weird..

mismo (yeah thats me in the cow head)

I just decided to take a selfie...
I was too focused on enjoying the lovely hamburger which had luckily fallen into my life on Monday to take a picture, but we went to the S Family's (our recent converts) house to eat hamburgers on Monday! Ismael really talked Ivania's hamburger cooking up, so I was expecting something great, but there are not words enough in this world to talk up what Ivania made. I don't think it's even fair to call what she made the same thing you eat at McDonald's for a buck. I might, honestly, need to repent for that. It was love. It was the best hamburger I've ever had! Better than any I've had in the states (sorry dad, I still love you and you're cooking). It had 2 (that's right, two) patties, along with ham, cheddar cheese (which is scarce down here), and a whole mountain of other things on it. It ended up being thick (tall? wide? what's the appropriate word to use here?) enough that the actual mechanical function of eating it was hard, but there was no challenge of the soul to eat that baby. MMmm hmm. I've fallen unbelievably in love with food now that we walk so much haha.

This week we had a ton of meetings. Tuesday we had to go to a zone-wide district leader meeting where they went over numbers and set monthly goals, so I didn't really do anything there, then Wednesday President had a special meeting with almost all the district and zone leaders in the mission there, which I was kindly informed 5 minutes before it started that I wasn't even able to attend. So, I got to sit in the office for 3.5 hours while they met. Ugh.

The week was actually pretty meh in general. What it ended up being is that we got more focused on the numbers than the people we're teaching. We're looking forward to going back and cleaning up our mess this week, studying how to teach people and not lessons a lot. But, we're feeling good and ready to go now that we know what to fix.

Oh, Halloween was a blast. It's not really celebrated here (think of one of the really minor holidays in the states). But, Andres brought us mcflurry's for breakfast and then at lunch July (our cocinera (cook)) bought coke for us to drink with lunch. Then I bought Elder Ritchie and I ice cream cones during the middle of the day, and then Our bishop (we have a bishop finally!!! After 5 months! It's Hermano Pipo) bought us ice creams and THEN bought us tacos (which are taquitos) with french fries for dinner. So it wasn't celebrated, but a lot of wonderful food lined up for us and it fell on Halloween :-)

So this week we went to J,. We decided to bring G with us. That family has been members for about 2 years but the father never comes to church, because he can barely walk. He has some sort of super bad arthritis. But G came with us, who I barely know (we visit the family a lot, but G's been working for a lot of the visits) so that J could have a friend. J's felt the spirit and we've had some really good lessons, but she's scared of going to church. Anyways, We go in and Gina doesn't really talk much. She's a bit of a shy disposition so it wasn't a surprise, but just when we introduced her to J, J said "Yay! A friend!". Then, during the lesson, we turned to G and asked her to bear her testimony.

G's never served a mission, and had never met J. She's never been trained on the different ways of breaking down what people say to discern their needs, or any of that. But the spirit touched her heart and the testimony that came out was so powerful, and matched up to every one of the needs that J has. It was amazing, and the spirit in that room was so strong!

But the best part is that it doesn't even end there. We went to visit the father's home yesterday and there was just a different spirit in that house! For one thing, he  went to church! HE WENT TO CHURCH! He's been feeling better (just a little bit, of course)! And then, they said that their goal right now is to go get sealed in the temple! AND, they practically begged us to come back on Monday to have a family home evening with them. And guess who's coming to that? J!

Everything works out as we let the spirit touch our hearts and we follow God's plan. I hadn't been doing that this week, but the one time that we did we saw miracles.

Trust in God, and he'll deliver you. And along the way, you'll experience miracles!

I love you all. Have a great week!

-Elder Henry


  1. Thanks for the great letter, Spence. Glad you're finally becoming a "Foodie!" I'll fix you a big spaghetti dinner when you get back! giggle You keep following your Spirit & you will continue to be led down the right paths. I'm very proud of you!
    Love, Granny

  2. Hey its good to see that you're doing great man! This is Krimzon from League! If you ever have time to catch up, Shadow and I are still frequently online. God bless and I hope to see more from you!

    1. I am certain he would love to hear from you!

  3. Hey this is Shadow from league! I would like to send a message to Spencer he is one of my good old friends, how may I do so?

    1. I sent you and Krimson both messages through Google Hangouts. He will be excited to hear from you!