Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Serve somebody!

Henry and Henry =)  They start Christmas early in Costa Rica, yeah!
We were doing service at a members house this Saturday and afterwards she gave us some spaghetti (Have I mentioned I get happy when I see spaghetti now?).

I hope you are all doing well! Of course, I could know that for a surety via E-mail (that means that I love mail and you guys are the bomb if you send me some ;)

This week was great. I could leave the letter with that if I wanted, but I guess I'll explain a little bit.

We had had a pretty poor last 2 weeks, so it was obvious we needed to change something or other. About last Thursday or Friday (as in like 12 days ago) I started focusing on seeing a miracle every day (specifically, one caused by our efforts to help somebody else, like a really spiritual lesson). It worked! We didn't see the fruits that Sunday (which I kind of assumed) But this week we took a lot of people to church and every day has just been bomb. This week is going to be cer-azy though because on Wednesday we have to go to Grecia (1.5 hours of bus) to do baptismal interviews and then on Thursday almost all day we'll be in a multi-zone conference and THEN on Saturday is stake conference which will take up all Saturday and a lot of Sunday. So we got little time to see a lot of miracles!

So we were walking to our chapel today to play some ball (I'm a ballin goalie by the way) and some gringos pulled up! They were on vacation. We chatted with them for a bit and it was so wonderful to see members go out of there way just to take to us! It really made me feel appreciated and energized me a lot. Then they gave us some Haribo gummy bears which Elder Ritchie and Johnson haven't seen in 23 months hahaha.

I want to tell a quick little story about a man named J. J can't walk. He can get around, but it's not actually walking. He has severe arthritis to the point of deformation. We visit that family a lot even though there's not really much vision for him to start coming to church, because they want the gospel and so we support them with our visits. Guess what? He's come to church. A man that basically can't walk, and I'm sure it hurts for him, comes to church! He's come 2 of the last 3 times I think. But that's not it. He went on visits! He asked somebody to come with a car and pick him up and he went and invited other people to church. That is service. It's not about how much we do necessarily, but doing as much as we can. They also set a goal to get to the temple, and it's so wonderful to see the light of the Gospel in the eyes of a man who's trapped in an imperfect body.

I love you all! I'm sorry for the short letter this week. I hope you all have a great week! Remember to go out and serve somebody this week, just like J. :-)

With Love,

-Elder Henry

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