Tuesday, February 3, 2015

It's a whole new world!

That song from Aladdin popped into my head when I got the call that I had transfers! haha.

See you later Yuli and Isabel (definitely at Isabel's wedding at the temple next December!
Erick lives in the home where we ate every day
Jorge's mission call should be arriving soon!
Companion ties. "Elder Guirolia came pre-trained."

After 6 great months in San Ramon, I got transfers to Heredia. It's a big city close to San Jose, and it's also the home of the Temple here in Costa Rica!
(This is the chapel here in Heredia! It's super pretty. A little smaller than San Ramon, but it's also a stake center.)
It hasn't really hit me still, but it's strange to have a whole new register of names to know, places and bus schedules and people schedules and businesses and everything to know! haha. But it's pretty nice here :)

My new companion is named Elder Cruz! And he's from Honduras. We're pretty much opposites in appearance! He's pretty short, pretty largely built, and pretty dark skinned, Whereas I'm white tall and skinny (more or less, I've gained a little weight haha...).

Changing areas has taught me (more than anything reminded me) of a very important lesson!

About a week before the transfer, I really felt that I was going to go. Not in a sad, or anxious, or excited way, just a feeling that I had learned what I needed to learn from San Ramon. But I was also pretty sure that the Lord was going to have certain assignments for me!

When I got the call, I didn't receive the assignment that I thought I was going to. But as I got here to Heredia, I realized that it's because the Lord has some other work for me to do! I'm so excited to be here and to serve here.

Wherever we are in life and whatever we're doing, the Lord's gonna throw some curveballs into our plan. Well, really, it's just that our plan wasn't quite right or what we needed, but you get the point. Twists and turns that we never expected come out of nowhere to give us a change of scenery!

We need to be ready to embrace these changes. I think that often times we like to just put down our heads and trudge along through a time of our life that doesn't look too interesting, or easy, or enjoyable, instead of taking advantage of every opportunity that the Lord gives us; Whether it's a blessing to enjoy or a challenge to overcome. As we learn from everything that we're given from the Lord, we'll find ourselves happier and a little bit closer to being like our perfect example, Jesus Christ!

I love you all so much. Have a great week! Remember that no matter how differently things turn out than how you expected them to, there's a reason behind it.

-Elder Henry

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