Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Life should be joyful!

Hey everyone!
Sorry about no pictures this week! I couldn't bring my camera today because we were going to go to a dangerous area. (Luckily a member had sent some!)

So here in Costa Rica, Rice with chicken is the bee's knees. What it is is, well, rice, and chicken. And a couple veggies haha. First off, it's delicious, and second, it's easy to prepare and serve, so for every birthday party and church activity and, well, everything, rice with chicken is served. It's one of my FAVORITE foods. It's super good, and we ate it twice on Saturday and then on Sunday too. Yum Yum Yum. The only problem is that rice makes you really fat, so I gotta be careful. Also, I made empanadas for the first time, which were pretty de-lic-ious. It's pretty funny because all I cook is Latino things. Pupusas, Empanadas, and Tortillas haha.

We had a really sweet moment this week. Yesterday, we went to have a family home evening. When we arrived there, a bunch of kids were there! (The grand kids of another lady who lives there as well). So we started talking to them all, and invited them all to come and join us. As we sang a hymn to start, and one of them offered to give the first prayer, I just felt happy. We all were seated in a little circle outside on their patio. We shared a nice message and played a game, and then ate some little chocolates. There was just something so special about those moments. As people walked by, they all looked over (firstly with a look of confusion!) but I know that it touched their hearts. It was a tender mercy to enjoy a little bit of time with all of them. I love to know that one day, I'll get to have those experiences with my own kids. 

I just love being a missionary so much. A good friend and fellow missionary here in Costa Rica, Elder Velasquez, always talked about how we have to enjoy our lives, no matter the circumstances!

It's just as 2 Nephi 2:25 says: Adam fell that men might be; and men are, that they might have joy.

Really, this life is tough. It should be tough! It's our day of probation. But, it should also be joyful. As we live the gospel, our lives, this mortal path that we walk, is jam packed with a whole bunch of tender mercies, like that time I got to spend with those children. It's a sweet truth of God's plan that along with Eternal life --living with our families forever-- we gain happiness and joy in this life as we follow his commandments, and keeping our covenants! The gospel blesses us today, tomorrow, and for the eternities. 

I love you all. I hope that we can all enjoy the moments where we find ourselves, and keep working to improve ourselves. Have a great week!

-Elder Henry

Hey dad! It was a total surprise to me when you said that you'd be going to winter weather. I forgot that exists! Hahaha.

Sounds like you're gonna have a great week! Enjoy the flights :) I always tell people how one day I want a traveling job like you. Do you skype with tori for her home work now, or how did all that settle out?

I have seen some pretty cool birds here in Costa Rica. I always take a moment to look at them and think of how much you'd like them :) Especially some little yellow tummied finch things there were! more or less like the ones in our house.

Have a great week dad!

Love, -Elder Henry

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