Monday, June 8, 2015

Transfers! Getting a new kid! Costa Rica San Jose West Mission (he thinks!)

 11 Hno Salas (he's not a member but all his family is, and he's super nice and friendly). He's like a Tico Grandpa Henry! Seriously! Personality and everything haha.

 15 I think that horseback missionaries might find success here in Costa Rica, I'm going to suggest it to president
 31 Picture with the baby sister, Khaterine!
 46 I don't know why, but this dog seems to think that she's a cat hahaha sitting on the roof
47 Picture with Djanko, our ward mission leader (and one of my 3 father-figures here).

My companion, Elder Ortiz, had to head back home for a surgery that he needs to do (he'll be back in a few months), and I was advised yesterday that I'm going to be training again! But I don't pick up my "kid" until Wednesday.

Ever since I trained the first time, I've just wanted to train again. It's such a great experience, to help show the ropes to a new missionary! 

There's a member in our ward who has mentioned a few times how the darkest moment of the night is right before the dawn.

It's just been a testimony builder to me to see that God always delivers us, and often shows us tender mercies, whenever it's possible.

Honestly, I can't even think about what happened this week, I'm just so excited for what lies ahead! it's feels like Christmas Eve haha.

I hope you all have a great week, and can look forward to the grand blessings that God has promised you all as well.

-Elder Henry

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