Tuesday, June 23, 2015

A mission is like a boxing match.........

Selfie with one of our favorite investigators!


Sunday selfie in the Pavas chapel. [Mom: Check out that missionary hair! So cute =) ]

My kid, baptizing! (Baptism from the hermanas, but he got to baptize her) =)
Note from Mom: Elder Henry's birthday is in two weeks, he'd love a card!
Elder Spencer Henry

This has been an interesting week. Up's and downs and booms and busts.

Monday was great. Our investigator was getting all ready for his baptism, we had a great time with my convert Marlon, everything was awesome.
Tuesday was even better. We were able to find 9 news and put 3 baptismal dates.
And the week was really good! We had a lot of wonderful experiences with our investigator. 

Then we got to Saturday, where we had stake conference! We had to travel an hour and a half to get there in bus, so we only had 1 lesson with our investigatorin the night. The talks were awesome, from President Wilkinson, the temple president here, and Elder Moralez, a Seventy. I learned so much and felt that I received so much inspiration.

Then we got to Sunday. After finding 13 new investigators, and confirming and visiting our progressing investigators, nobody came to the church. And, for that, our investigatorr's baptismal date fell through. It was really tough to feel like everything slipped out of my hands after having a great week. Really, really tough.

Sometimes, here in the mission, I feel that being here is like being in a boxing ring with all my weaknesses, and fears, and flaws. There's no distractions, it's just them and me going at it. And even though it's great, and it has made and is making me a much better person, every now and then it can really hurt.

Sunday felt a little bit like that.

But then I remembered the kind of week that we had. Spiritual, effective, and worthwhile. And I realize what I need to do, and how to do it, and how God has and will help me with it, and my worries go away.

God's teaching me some wonderful lessons about diligence and patience. 

I love a scripture in John 14. Actually I love the whole chapter, which talks a lot about the spirit and obedience and the peace that the spirit will bring us. But, one day, as I was reading it looking for solace, I stumbled upon verse 18. It impacted me in the simplicity and it was an answer to my prayers in that moment, and has been a scripture that I remember ever since.

It says: I will not leave you comfortless: I will come to you.

Yesterday, I saw a lot of disappointment. But I also saw God work through a man to comfort me, in my time of need. He never has left me comfortless, and he never will. I know that our Heavenly Father, and his son Jesus Christ, love us. One thing I love about Elder Gonzalez is that when he testifies to someone about the Book of Mormon, he often starts to testify as well about how much God loves them. And it's because it's true. 

Christ won't leave us comfortless. 

Have a wonderful week. I love you all so much and wish you all the best. And try to listen to the spirit, so that you may be a tool in the Lord's hand to bring comfort to a needy soul.

-Elder Henry

 Katerin, the bishop's daughter, got ahold of a nice hat for me haha
 total selfie fail, tried to get a selfie with Katerin but she hid haha
 ahora si, she fell asleep so I managed a selfie. (she's like tori-- she refuses to let you take pictures with her haha)
 Stake Conference!
Elder Vorwaller, one of my good missionary friends here in the zone.

Elder Black, other good friend

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