Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Monkeys! Zone Christmas Service Project & busy week!

Zona Sur!!! Zone meeting and service project!
He looks like my little brother haha and he's got a rockin' cowlick like mine!
I taught him what a selfie is :) haha

Zone meeting :)
 This has been a looong week. Lots of stuff happened.

Monday morning we were on a bus headed to San Jose.

Tuesday was leadership meeting, which was amazing, and a bus headed back down to Zona Sur. We got home at like 11 PM and realized that we didn't have electricity. That was interesting.

Wednesday we got Elder Gonzalez headed off to San Vito and got to work a little.

Thursday we had Zone meeting. Zone meeting was amazing. I felt so edified. The zone is super great and way animada -- excited? pumped up. I felt like everyone was friends there and it was just a good meeting. The zone feels nice and united. Then we headed out to the old folks home to sing Christmas songs and chit chat for a while. That was such a sweet experience and also nice to help unite us as a zone. I loved that so much. It was especially awesome because there was a recent convert in our area who got baptized like 3 months ago. He lived with his son in a shack in the jungle with a dirt floor and, frankly, on a cliff. Well his son touched a bare cord and shocked himself to death (he was drunk), and so the old recent convert left the area to go live with a son. That's always sad to lose contact with someone like that, because it's hard to get them in contact with the church again. But, guess who was in the old folks home! And he just seemed really happy, and finally living in a good, clean, modern place. I was so happy to see him there, and now we can find the way to bring him the sacrament.

After that Friday Saturday and Sunday were normal days. Friday I went on divisions with Javier to Laurel, which is about 1.5 hours from our area, to visit a lady and her granddaughter. They come to church like once a month, and the granddaughter isn't a member. They can't come much because the grandma has to go to San Jose a lot, but that was a good visit.

So that was the week. We saw lots of miracles and it was a really good week, but I'm pretty tired right now haha. I'm just grateful for the opportunity to serve people in little ways, like calling a missionary who's birthday was yesterday at 7 in the morning with the whole zone on conference call to sing him happy birthday. 

Oh, and we saw a bunch of little monkeys in the trees, and an iguana right in front of us in the road. So that was pretty legit :)

Have a great week, everyone! Try and find those little ways to serve someone.

-Elder Henry
Hey there Iguana friend!

They all really enjoyed that I put the Santa hat on them haha

Divisions with Javier, after a while of not leaving with him. That was good :)
Panama with Elder Gonzalez and Nuñez! Uush :)
 A type of turkey that Ruma and Ruth have

Life looks more jungly with fog

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