Monday, February 22, 2016

Guácimo Guácimo Guácimo.

Last week the bus rides were too long for an email...
This week was GREAT! It felt super long, in the good way!

Our acachete house (I really like it a lot)

The chapel! (with free coconuts!)

Guácimo Guácimo Guácimo. I love it! I had always heard about this area. A lot of my good friends were here. Elder Tullis, Hermana Ortiz, and also Elder Guirola, my first kid! And now, I'm here. All the members tell me I'm gonna die (in the missionary sense) here! I mean, it's true, but it's funny.
I love it. It rains a ton (more than Zona Sur), and it's not really hot or cold. The ward is great and I've still got chances to see a sloth. It's a pretty small town and I just love everything here so much. I'm back to being a district leader and training, which is my favorite thing in the world to do. My new comp, Elder Vazquez, is from Mexico! Coahuila. He's already got 1 change in the mission (Spencer is finishing his training). So he's super awesome! He's a convert, and most of his immediate family is member now too. He speaks pretty good English, just like elder Acuña (my other Mexican comp), so we talk lots of English together and it's a blast :) He's so humble and has such a great spirit and just really wants to do the things well, and it's so awesome to be with him. I feel like I'm a better missionary with him around. It's heaven!

This week went super slow because I just really focused on getting to know everyone as well as I could and as quickly as possible! I'm still super lost as to the area (yesterday we went on divisions with members and I walked around in circles for like 30 minutes to find the house where I was going), but allí vamos. Little by little.

So yeah! What more is there to tell? Everything's great! Ruma and Ruth were baptized in Zona Sur last week, too!!!!!!! =) 

I just feel like the Lord has given me such a great way to end my mission here. I couldn't have asked for something better. Seriously. I love the people, I love my district, I love my area, and I love my companion! Oh, and I love the work!
Unbelievable quote from a sister in the district this week:
"Yeah, it seems like you're a really organized person"
So yeah, that's life this week! Everything's seriously just awesome here. The place and ward reminds me a lot of my first area. and the sisters who we're with here in Guacimo are super pura vida too! Everything's just like my missionary dream here haha.
Have a great one!

-Elder Henry

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