Monday, February 29, 2016

I still just fall more in love with it every day. (Missionary work!)

 Guacimo Ward Missionaries eating lunch with the bishop! :)

 Just a nice blue Guacimo sky :)
 Rain selfies!

 Guacimo reminds me of Washington a lot of times. Nice, grey clouds :)
I can now say that I'm part of a very special club of missionaries that served during a leap day. haha.
This week was a lot more normal, and went a lot quicker. We were having a good week, not super great but good, but Sunday was really lame. Only 1 of our investigators came to church, when we had at least the same 3 from last week who really wanted to come again. So it was a little frustrating, as always, but we're just gonna work harder and get better and things will work out :)
I've said since a few months back that, in my opinion, the best team is an old missionary with a new one. One brings the experience, and one brings the desire to do things 100%. I've really enjoyed being here with Elder Vazquez because that desire to do everything well just emanates and gets me excited to be a better missionary as well. I love him because I feel like we both help each other to become better missionaries. And that's really wonderful. So even when we have tough weeks, I know that we're trying hard and we just have to try something different.
I've also been thinking a little bit about how much I know now that I didn't know when I started the mission, and why even though I have so much more experience, I don't see this huge increase on the numbers.
I don't know, and we'll always strive for excellence, but a lot of times I just really feel like it's God's work and he gets the people who are ready in the church, one way or another. We have the blessing to be that means, but we don't change God's will. If someone need and wants to find the restored truths of the gospel, they'll find it. God takes care of his kids.
So Elder Vazquez and I are gonna help a whole ton of his children here in Guacimo that are ready!
I love the mission. I still just fall more in love with it every day.
Have a great week, everyone!
-Elder Henry

Hey dad!
Yeah I medio remembered about leap day. But mostly, It's just Pday :-)
That's so funny! It's weird for me to think of you as a grandpa, too. You guys aren't old yet :P
Well this week was really great. Sometimes I really hate knowing that I'm in the last "age" of my mission. But I really love the work.
Love you dad! Have a great week being a grandpa!
-Elder Henry

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  1. Great letter, Spence. I like your perspective on putting an experienced missionary with a new missionary. We saw this in action over at Seal Rock. The experienced missionary brought his eager, fresh-faced kid over, then sat watching with an amused look a his kid delivered his lessons. They made a great team & we enjoyed them. I hope you have a good week, Sweetie. Love, Granny