Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Mission Tour & lots of spiritual experiences...

"A good old E. Henry action shot haha"
How are things going? We had a pretty cool week this week. We had a multizone conference with one of the Seventy on Friday and I learned a ton, and we worked like crazy this week.
Spencer's Zone provided the special musical number

Multi-Zone Conference with Elder & Sister Alonso
  In the end, on Saturday, we had put 15 baptismal dates with various investigators, new and old! It really felt great and we had a lot of spiritual experiences. But, I was disappointed on Sunday when only 2 people came to church. Starting on Friday they all started cancelling for this or that reason, even though they had thought and said that they were going to go. I don't know if it's a lesson on patience or if we did something wrong, but I imagine that it's a little bit of both. 
what you do every day, Well on a good day, we're seated a lot teaching the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ, and on a bad day we're outside in the sun all day talking to everybody, trying to get seated to talk about the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ.
who the people in your ward are, I'm still getting to know a lot of the members, but our ward mission leader is way cool.  He's from Honduras but served here and later came here to work, study, and get married. He helps us so much. He actually served in an area about 20 minutes from my area.
Yummm homemade pizza at our cook's house (they owned a pizza shop before) :) That made for a good Pday haha.

With Manifred, the cutest dog of one of the awesome families in the ward (who send Mom pictures every week!)

Here's the grandma of a recent convert in the ward, she's pretty pura vida!
how big your area is, Our area is huuuuuuuuuuuge. There are way too many sectors to work in. Right now we are trying to hone in on a few different areas to work, because there are just way. too. many. There's like 8 totally separate sectors, that I have been to. Some of them are a 5 minute walk, others 30, and other a 40 minute bus ride. It feels like trying to juggle, visiting people in all the different areas.
I was out on visits with some members, when we found this little birdy. One of it's wings was injured so it couldn't fly. We tried to go save it but it ran away into a little hole, so we didn't manage it :( but the birds here sure are colorful.

how many people are in the ward In the ward there are about 400 members I believe, but the average attendance is about 115, 120. 

who you are teaching The teaching pool is always changing, but we've been teaching two youth. They are really great. Yesterday we watched the Restoration with the brother and he told us that he believes that Joseph Smith was a prophet of God, and that the Church is true! So it's been great to be teaching him. (his sister wasn't in the lesson yesterday, but she is also progressing a lot.)

if you have gone on exchanges with your DL or ZL........ No 

It's hard to tell you every week about the different aspects of the work and everything, it's basically one flavored... Walk - Teach - Feel the Spirit - leave - walk - teach. There's not many activities, or different things going on every week.
I hope you know how lucky & blessed you are! :)  Thanks mom. A little frustrated with the results of this week, that's all. I just don't understand why I can have a ton of spiritual experiences, but not baptize. Of course, I suppose I shouldn't whine in comparison with Sherry's mission.
 I love you a ton. Hope you have a great week.
By the way I go around telling everyone that I'm hoping to be an uncle when I get back hahaha

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