Friday, March 20, 2015

Volcano....ash in my eyes, that's it.

Hey everybody! How's life?

Life this week has been pretty good. Just the food, not so much. We received very little money this month, so I've been eating pancakes and peanut butter and nothing else... I'm pretty sick of peanut butter haha. (note from mom: he has a debit card if he needs anything, sounds like he isn't starving but if you know Spencer, that he is sick of peanut butter is hilarious! He adores the stuff!)

Wednesday we had a super awesome day and then Thursday, we ended up walking around all day with volcano ash in our eyes. I haven't seen or felt anything from the volcano, just some ash in the eyes oh my gosh. My eyes were dying. end of story. haha.  I didn't see or feel anything, people were whining about the ash. hahaha. It was way lamer than you might think haha.
On Friday we walked for like 3 hours straight, so needless to say waking up on Saturday was pretty rough. But yesterday (pday) I slept all day, and now I'm all recharged again haha.
(I sent him this pic from Sis Wilkinson, his Mission President's wife)  "Oh wow that looks WAY cooler than anything I've seen hahaha.  It hasn't been too hot. We went to a cold area of the area yesterday at night and I needed my sweater. It's only hot from like 11-4 basically, but it's going to get hotter in april and may. Then, rainy season starts."
This week I have been focusing a lot on trying to think about our investigators, and focus in on the important group who really want this. It has been great. I have really felt Christ's help in growing my love towards all of them. Especially Mariela. Mariela is a less active member who recently returned to the church, and her 9 year old daughter is going to be baptized on the 28th. It has been so wonderful to help her feel confident in herself as a member, and see her participate in the church. She is so nice, just really timid. As I've been focusing on her and really caring about her, a love so grand has grown. I always look forward to going to her house now :) it was especially touching to be able to comfort her yesterday because she was feeling all stressed out and such. 

It was also a blessing that after trying hard to do that all week, we had 5 investigators come to church :). And a really uplifting lesson on repentance in church.

Sad to say that I don't have much time today, so that's all for this week, and also the computer didn't let me upload pictures this week. Next week, more of everything!

Have a great week! I love you all!
-Elder Henry

Notes from our emails:
No really there isn't too much more that I want you to send (with a member coming for Conference), I suppose a nice set of scripture markers (more than one color) would be nice. But I'm pretty accustomed to the native life now ;) hahaha 
Oh my gosh haha. I'd much rather miss the wedding and have a niece or nephew when I get back hahaha.  My journal? Daily no, but I do think about it hahahha. (cue Mom lecture) ;)
Pics sent to us by members:
Elder Cruz is being transferred! Sad face

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