Tuesday, March 24, 2015

The Lord is Changing Me.

Hey everybody! We had changes this week! I was going to send you all a picture of my new companion, but this computer doesn't like my usb cord :(. His name is Elder Acuña, from Monterrey Mexico. He's got 10 months in the mission, a little bit more than me, and he's pretty legit! We both miss Little Caesars pizza haha. I've only been with him for 3 or 4 days, but he seems really easy to get along with.

(Luckily a member sent that photo Sunday)

This Saturday we had an activity in the church, and it was suuuper fun. The ward mission leader and us missionaries planned it all. We started out playing a little basketball game to see which time could get all their players make the basket first, which was pretty funny trying to lift the little kids up high enough to make the basket (remember, Latinos are a little short in general, so it was a struggle haha). Then we went inside and played a super fun ping pong around the world game and the cookies on the forehead from Minute to Win it. From there we went to a brain busting puzzle with some scripture hints, and finished the day playing jump rope with people through water balloons at you! Everybody really enjoyed it and had a good time. It made me happy to remember that the church isn't just about work work work, but really enjoying yourself and making lasting friendships in good, wholesome ways.

Whenever somebody goes to a new area or gets a new companion, it becomes a pretty reflective spot of time. It is really wonderful to see as how I struggled through challenges, feeling like they were never going to end or that I wasn't going to be able to overcome them, I've been able to now look back and see how much I really did grow through those challenges. It's a sweet feeling to see the Lord change people, including when I get to see how the Lord is changing me. It gives me hope that if I can change, that person that I see in the street can change. And with that, I go right over there and tell them that I'm here to offer them that peace and happiness in their lives. The mission really is something great. Hard, and hot, and hungry, and tired, and stressful, but really really really great. The word to describe these two years is Gratifying.

It's fun to see that what I pass for shows up in the scriptures, too! I have been reading in Helaman lately, where Nephi is trying to convert the Nephites and bring them out of iniquity. We see that after a miracle they shape up, then fall into wickedness again, and up and down and up and down. But, because we get to know the whole story, we know that his contributions helped them get to a place where they enjoyed 200 years of peace, without contention! Even though one day might seem good and one day bad, I know that I am bringing that same peace to the lives of many every day. And that is just the best.

I hope that you are all doing well! Thanks so much for writing. I feel your love and I feel the support of all your prayers.

Sincerely, Elder Henry

Don't worry dad the finances are doing better here haha. Luckily I planned it right so that I ate little for a little bit but I have plenty to finish the month :)
     I'm so happy to think that Coby leaves this week! ah man that's the best.
I'm really looking forward to my companion. I realized since my first day with him that I really did grow a lot with Elder Cruz. Getting along with somebody just feels way easy now. God always gives us those challenges to make us better :)
Thanks for always writing, dad! I love you a ton!

-Elder Henry

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