Monday, April 20, 2015

Shenanigans in lessons! (President approves, don't worry)

Hey everyone!

This week has been great. Our Mission President came and taught us how to plan and teach a lot better and more dynamically, and we have been having a blast applying it. We've been doing all sorts of shenanigans in lessons haha. Like hiding cups all over the room, or playing Simon Says to teach the Plan of Salvation. It's been really great. I've found that happiness and healthiness doesn't stay in doing the same thing over and over. This life is meant to be dynamic! And we should be dynamic too. 

I've had a really good week. We had a good amount of people in the church yesterday. Everyone is well here in Costa Rica! Just that last night it was pretty warm outside and our fan doesn't work so sleeping sucked hahaha.

On Saturday we had a really sweet experience. We dropped by a members house (where we took the cat selfie), and for whatever reason there are a TON of cats in that street. I have a particular cattish friend there, so I went over to pet it, and all of a sudden I hear somebody say "Si quiere se lo regalo uno!" (If you want, I'll give you mine (my cat)!) And we were like what but we looked and it was just a random person. We started chatting with him and he was really depressed. We had a really nice experience explaining to him about the Holy Ghost and how it would bring him joy, and how after baptism he could have that peace with him always! It was a really sweet chance to simply testify of the happiness that I've gained through the gospel. And, since he lives next to members, they were able to bring him to the church yesterday! He said that he loved it and, after going to a ton of churches where he just didn't feel good, he felt really good. :)

I hope you all have a great week, and remember the miracles that you have!

-Elder Henry
Cat selfie!
Goat Selfie!

A little girl drew this for us (my companion doesn't have arms)

Just our weekly normal selfie
Elder Acuña in a standoff

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