Friday, April 3, 2015

April Fools!

This was his letter he sent home at first:
Hey everybody! Just wanted to let you all know that I'm doing great. I hope you all have a good week, I'm off to work!

-Elder Henry

Luckily, he did send a real letter and photos after that haha!
Moroni statue on the Costa Rica Temple

Heredia missionaries at the temple!

He didn't just ruin ONE photo....



Sent from Yorleny on Mom's birthday =)

We were teaching a lesson and the cat there (who is super awesome) snuck into my backpack. I wanted to just close up the bag and take him back with me, but oh well.

This is John, an investigator we have. (ps: He looks EXACTLY like Kyler hahaha the one that I worked with in sparks)

I think I'm going to start an album of my companion petting random dogs in the street haha
Silly putty has been a problem this week. I had to covanent not to play with it anymore, because it is really really distracting haha.

Sometimes a selfie is just necessary

Saw Elder Velasquez (he was never my comp, but practically my comp) in the temple today!

Us and the San Francisco Elders

Hey everybody!

So I can't remember how much I wrote about my new companion, Elder Acuña, last week, but he is the bomb.
     He's Mexican, about as tall as me, we like a lot of similar music, I finally have somebody who understands how much I miss little Caesars pizza. Oh, and he makes a killer guacamole. What more could I want! Haha.
     But really, he is great. There's nothing more gratifying than having a relationship so open that, when somethings wrong, we notice it talk about it and fix it. It's just that simple! We both have our faults, and sometime (all the time) we make mistakes, but I really feel like we help each other to become better.
     Today we had to get up at 5 in the morning, to go to the temple! It was such a wonderful feeling. The spirit is so strong in that building, it's like being wrapped up in a blanket of peace and comfort! It was such a fortifying experience. It was truly gratifying.
     This week, we saw a really sweet miracle. On Saturday night, we went to eat dinner with some members (PS: It was really good)! Before eating, they asked if we had something to share with them. Of course we did!
     We shared with these members our goals as missionaries, to help more people come to Christ. We really felt the spirit in those minutes, and challenged them to pray about who they could help be baptized! Our goal is to have a week with a baptism every day of the week, so they committed to helping somebody get baptized on that Friday. We were going to call them to see how it went on Monday, and make plans to visit the people.
     Then, on Sunday, after a week of hard work with which I felt really satisfied, only 1 person came to the church. That was tough, especially because that very morning we verified that 6 were going to come! But, after sacrament meeting, as we were in the halls, that family (the Alfaro family) came up to us to present the mom's mom. They came close to us, and said to me: Look, Elder. We did what you said, and prayed. and we felt our answer!
     I hadn't even imagined that teaching them Saturday in the night would bring them to bring somebody to the church. But it was such a tender blessing, Especially in a week where we didn't have many people come.
     I testify, especially in this Easter week, that Christ lives. That He and our Father, God, love us! And that they're always watching, just waiting to give us blessings. As we obey, and try our hardest, the blessings will always come. 
     I love you all so much. I love being a part of this work! There is nothing more special then helping somebody overcome the barriers that keep them from realizing just how much God loves them. As a missionary I have the chance to feel a little piece of that grand love for them, too. I've never done something so gratifying in my life. And if any one of you don't feel that love of God in your lives, or want to feel it even more, talk with the missionaries. That's our work! :)
   -Elder Henry

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