Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Fainting companion?!

Selfie for Mom--Go Ducks haha

This sure has been an interesting week. 

On Monday we got out of the hospital at 6 because my comp had to take a bunch of exams, and on Tuesday we got out at 5 because the doctors was diagnosing his exams and figuring out what they should do and everything. So we had to miss a lot of appointments :( but then Wednesday and on we have had a really good time. We've been looking up all the people of the list of members here in Paso Ancho and finding out where they live and marking it on our map, and we've been seeing lots of miracles with that lately. This week 4 more people who had a looooot of time of not coming to church came! So we've been really happy working in that. 

     After a couple good days of that, on Saturday, my companion fainted in the morning. We were in studies and when I come out of the study room I just found him laying on the ground knocked out with a broken plate all over the floor. That sure was scary! But I measured his blood pressure and sugar and everything turned out fine. But it freaked me out haha. All in all it's been a good week, just really tiring. Like some weeks are!

I'm really grateful to be here in the mission. The challenges and differences from day to day make it 1) interesting and 2) A wonderful opportunity to grow. I think that a lot of times we get so scared of challenges that might come into our lives but they're really, really helpful to be able to grow. 

It's been rainy and cool weather too, which just makes everything better. Yesterday I forgot my umbrella (still gotta go and look for it..) when it started to rain a ton. So we got nice and soaked haha. 

We've been finding a lot of new people who are listening to us. Some of them want to get baptized, some of them have family members who are members, we're even teaching quite a few Jehova's witnesses, so we've got an interesting mixing pot of people to visit.

We've been leaving on visits a lot with the young adults here, especially with Leo y Marco. I've been having a great time really getting to know the members here in Paso Ancho. Especially thinking that I might have the influence that some missionaries had on me before the mission. (shout out to Elder LaRue and Elder Thomas--who was married this week!)

I'm really grateful to be here. I love it! I love you all too, and hope you're doing well. Have a great week!

-Elder Henry

Hey Dad! Thanks for writing :)I love your letters. Missionaries were showing how their dads wrote them like 2 sentences and I was so grateful that you always write a lot :)

On Saturday we all ate together in a members house (the food there was suuuuuper tasty!
  I FINALLY found some super friendly cats! In a less active's house where we're visiting :)

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