Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Stress---> Sunday success and a baptism!

On Wednesday we went on divisions! I went to Pavas with Elder Whitlock and we put baptismal date with this family for the 30th of this month. They're way awesome =)
Surprise! Bishop bought cake and pizza for Elder Ortiz's birthday :)
It was super tasty!
Birthday hats!
Marlon (junior) got baptized this Saturday! :)
Today in the office I saw the chapin (Elder Velasquez)! He's the bomb
Hey Dad!
Sounds like life's good. How is Tori doing in school? I haven't heard anything lately so I assume well haha.
    It was pretty crazy seeing the pictures of Sherry in the wedding dress haha. Nephews & nieces!!!!
    Sometimes I tell people about your electric motorcycle and truck and they are like wow that's so awesome your dad is the bomb haha. You are the bomb!
     I'm super happy today. We saw Meet the Mormons! And I saw Elder Velasquez my best friend.
Have a great week dad! I love you! You guys are the bomb!
-Elder Henry

Hey fam! and friends.
     This week was suuuuper stressful. I can't even explain how stressed I was. We got home to plan and it was just like whelp, what do we do? Because we have very few investigators to plan for. But at the end of the week everything turned out very well, and we saw a lot of miracles. 20 people more than normal came to church this week! and Marlon and Oscar both got baptized.
     Sometimes I start stressing myself out so much for what's going on and it takes a while to remember that I don't need to be perfect nor does god expect me to be. 
     I had a really rewarding experience yesterday. We were in divisions, and I went with our ward mission leader, D'janko (like Janko). We went where we were going to meet up after divisions, and my comp was running a little behind, so we just got to chatting. I just felt a peace and a realization that I don't have to be running around every second. Sometimes, you just gotta take a minute and enjoy where you are. Because if you're not enjoying what your doing, you're doing it wrong! I really enjoyed taking the sacrament this week and just letting the stresses of the week fall off my shoulders. 
     I hope you all have a great week! We gotta run a little bit today for some doctors appointments, sorry for the short letter. I hope you're all well, I love you, I hope you're enjoying whatever it is that you're doing!
-Elder Henry
PS the foot's great. It didn't even hurt! Hallelujah. Didn't have to take the whole nail out, and I could walk on it immediately.

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