Monday, October 26, 2015

Jungley everywhere and cucarachas too

 Some bridge raining selfie action!
 Just a cool moth I found on the wall
  Trying out Javier's hipster glasse

 What you see while walking on the road in Golfito :) If you go there early in the morning, you see all the monkeys jumping by (sadly, I didnt see them :(
 Just your average working area here in Zona Sur... A few houses and a whole lot of green
 Happy Birthday, Elder Ferrin! President Hayes bought him a cake :)
 Estevan's baptism! He's a really awesome young man.
  My comp Elder Morales selfie'd me while I was putting in the zone's numbers haha

Hello everyone! Another week in the jungle to report on.
So the week started off pretty normal. Monday we played a little bit of soccer where everyone blew me out of the water (like I said, normal haha), and Tuesday we had a good old working day.
Then, Wednesday, the divisions started. I headed on over to San Vito! A 90 minute bus ride from my area, it's straight up the mountains that surround Ciudad Neily. So I finally get up there, and it's a beautiful day. Since it's in the mountains, it's not hot! It's like normal, standard, Washington weather. A little sun, a little rain, but pretty cool temperatures. I had a great time with Elder Aviña, Who started the mission when I started in the MTC. We had a blast, he's super awesome.
Thursday morning I head on back to Ciudad neily to get another day's work in.
Friday morning, I'm out to Golfito! This area is on the beach. It's called Golfito because it's a little gulf. So it was really really pretty there. and I saw a guy with a huge fish on his shoulder. Like, 4 feet long. that was cool. And I saw iguanas. that was fun. It's really jungley there. It's really jungley everywhere, actually... haha. But I was with Elder Luna which was also a blast. He's a really nice guy. Calm, collected, focused missionary. So we had a fun time together :)
Then on Saturday, instead of ending divisions normally, we headed on to Zone meeting with President Hayes! Which was incredible. He gave a great lesson about Mosiah 1-5 and looking what more we need to improve to keep becoming better people. it was incredible. Then we celebrated Elder Ferrin's birthday with a cake, handed out the 'birthday presents', a new blender for everyone (uush!) Ate a nice lunch, and had interviews with President. It was a really great, really spiritual experience. From there we headed out to prepare Estevan's baptism, which was also really great.
Then on Sunday, District conference! So we were on the road again, to Rio Claro. It was also awesome, and a new district presidency was called. Our Branch President is now District president, and we have a new branch president. Changes are always fun, so I'm looking forward to working with the new leadership.
Apart from that, every thing's going well and normal! I really love the people here. They're pretty awesome. It's just so different from that city "I don't ever have time for anything" attitude that there was in my old area. You can just start talking to someone and, even if they don't want to receive us, it's a nice conversation.
So those are the adventures of this week. I'm pretty sure I'll have more next week :) Oh, one more!
Our house is pretty well infested with cockroaches. Luckily President already gave us permission to change houses, so this week we're gonna found a new one and change, but it's pretty gross showering with cockroaches there in the shower too. Just thought everyone would love to know that :)
Have a great week!
-Elder Henry

No, I can't go to the sealing :(
No, the card didn't come with the AP's.
I have 3 pairs of shoes, not 1. Remember that I bought 2 more?
I didn't do divisions with the AP's haha, I was on divisions with Golfito when they came... oops!
Today I'm going iguana hunting! Uuush.

The Halloween pic is awesome haha. It's not too often that you get to use a pregnant costume!


  1. I don't often 'comment', but I keep up as best as possible on your Spiritual Adventures ... I even get to speak my VERY limited Spanish in 2 of my classes (like sientate and silencio) haha!

  2. Sister Henry would you mind sending me the picture of Elder Ferrin, my email is thanks sister Ferrin