Monday, October 12, 2015

Transfers! And tons of photos :)

     So this was a pretty good week. I knew that this week transfers were coming, and was sure either Elder Gonzalez or I would have changes, so we just enjoyed our last week together. On Wednesday we go to the mission office and I get assigned my new companion, new area, and all that jazz. It'll be fun!
     I've really enjoyed my time here in Paso Ancho. It's amazing how little time it takes to really love the people and make great friends when you're dedicated to serving them. It's been a blast. And I'm excited for a new adventure!
     I'm pumped for these transfers! I can't really think about anything else. Just that an investigator who we've worked with for a loong time is finally getting baptized on Saturday :) He's dreamed and worked for this day for a long time. Woohoo!
Have a great week everyone! I am off to a multi zone futbol game. I love you all!
-Elder Henry

Hey dad! Thanks for the joke. 100% Calidad (quality) :)
Well we'll both be missing out on the Halloween fun, then. If you celebrate Halloween here people think you're satanic, so we won't be doing anything...
Sounds like fun having Mike and Shavonne there!
I love you tons dad :) Have a great week!
-Elder Henry
502 Ice cream trip! 
503 I don't really know why this statue is outside of a cake bakery, but its kinda cool.
516 They're haulin me away!
528 We found a baby bunny!
536 Just a kitten
540 Everyone hanging out after the church services :)
542 Goodbye, Mario! A good friend here in Paso Ancho.
543 One last selfie with Carlos!
Visiting the Primary on Sunday :)

547 Us and the Alvarado family :)

Elder Henry-face

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