Tuesday, October 6, 2015

What a wonderful abnormal week!

My comp went to get his cedula (ID), so while he did that, we baked a cake in the office!
 Rain picture! It's warm and sunny every day. And raining a ton. It rains for like 1-2 hours super hard.
 The baptisms :) President & Sister Hayes were able to attend. Lorena Jonathan and Carlos from our area and Dayanara from the sisters were all baptized!
442 white clothed selfie with Carlos!

Check it OUT! The Romanian husband of a member here made us dinner. it was soo tasty

 Selfie with some of our favorite youth, + Mario!

Temple trip! Waking up at 4 AM is a pretty tiring thing to do. After staying up until 2am reminiscing about the MTC days & former areas haha
 Holy selfies!
 Paso Ancho Ward missionaries photo :)
 (most) of the district photo!
 Gringo action at the conference! (That room was the English room)
 Swerve! Just like MTC times. Elder Carter is one of my best friends now!
 Hello everyone!

What a wonderful week this week. Normal weeks seem to be getting pretty hard to find here lately, because this one was really abnormal as well.

Monday we worked instead of having our free day, so that was pretty strange.

Tuesday was the normal District meeting stuff, and in the night, we headed over to sleep in the secretaries' house with like 20 other missionaries, because of Wednesday.

Wednesday, we went to the temple! So Wednesday became our free day. So after staying up till 2 AM with Elder Carter, my MTC comp, and the secretaries, who also came with us, reminiscing about the good old times, we woke up at 4 AM to head on out to the temple! The temple was really great and after the temple we had a little meeting with president which I loved a ton where he talked about being consecrated and living the higher law. It was really motivating. All in all, a great day! when we got back home, we slept for like 3 hours to catch up a little bit on all that lost sleep haha.

Thursday and Friday were our only normal work days, and then we got to conference! Which was a total blast. There's nothing like spending a bunch of time with all your gringo missionary friends! especially when that time is spent listening to living prophets of God. I loved the focus on keeping the gospel simple from President Uchtdorf, and how much focus they put on the Sabbath day. Its an ancient commandment but sometimes we put new, little things in front of the simple basic blocks of gospel living.

And that's the show, folks! Our investigator who came to conference, absolutely loved it as well. He said that there was one talk that he just felt like they were talking to him. He's a young father and it was the talk on being a parent. It was so wonderful to see him cherish the things that I too have learned to cherish. I love sharing the gospel!
     I love you all! Go back, study Conference, and most of all, apply it!
Have a great week!
-Elder Henry

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  1. Glad you had a good, abnormal week, Bud. I'll bet it was nice to visit with your friends even if you did lose sleep! Young people can do that! It looks like you're having fun & working hard. Love the pictures!
    Love, Granny & Grampa Ace