Monday, January 25, 2016

I just want to be a missionary forever.

Elder Henry spent a week with his MTC companion Elder Carter in stunning Puerto Jimenez. 

Hello everyone!
This has been a long week. But a good one!
     Last Monday, I got back in to my area. My comp hadn't been in the area for a few days either, so there was a lot to do here in Neily. It was pretty stressful haha. Especially because we had a lot of meetings. Then we had a baptismal interview to do with San Vito, so my comp went up there and I was with Elder Gomez a few days! That was a lot of fun. I'm proud to say that I beat him in chess. Haha. It was really fun because he and I have both been in Paso Ancho and in San Ramon, so we enjoyed talking about our old areas together. Friday morning we had another meeting, for all the district leaders (Elder Gomez), via skype. But the skype didn't work... oops. 
Saturday my comp got back, and he went on divisions with Javier to work while I stayed with our Branch President, Presidente Villatoro, to a district leadership meeting with President Torres (Presidente Hayes' counselor). After that we went to clean the church, so that took up the whole day.
     Then, yesterday, three of our investigators came to church, and Pres. Torres gave a really great talk. After that, in the 2nd hour, they presented a 40 minute video about the new Area Plan, and in the 3rd hour we discussed it. It was really awesome because they stayed the 3 hours and participated a ton. So they are super super excited and just doing great. The wife wants to be the new Music director (so that I don't have to do it haha). Their baptism is scheduled for Thursday.
     All in all, we're just seeing a lot of miracles. This month we should end with 8 baptisms in the zone, which is more than Zona Sur has ever achieved that we know of! And February's also going to be a really good month.
     Missionary work, missionary work, missionary work! What else is there to think about? Haha. I really love the mission so much. I just want to be a missionary forever.
     This Saturday we have a meeting with Elder Quentin L. Cook! So that's gonna be way cool. 
     Have a great week everyone!
       -Elder Henry
A rooster in a tree...

"the yummy cream filled kind"--Timon (Lion King reference haha)

What a beautiful place to serve the Lord!

Macaw in it's native habitat!

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  1. Wow, Spencer, you have gotten better! I loved your letter & the pics are great! So proud of you. Love you to pieces!
    Love, Granny & Grampa Ace