Monday, January 4, 2016

Living the Gospel

My baby, Shiblon.

 We finally found a pizza place in Neily!
Mcdonalds in Panama!
Hello 2016!

It's pretty strange how time flies haha. 2016 used to sound really far away haha.

So this was a good week. I was in a trio all week with my kid, Elder Gonzalez, and my comp Elder Nuñez. So every day we went and did divisions, which allowed to go visit some new areas and find some new people to teach. We're hoping that everything goes real well with a new plan in the area, and all that jazz.

This week I've been preparing my segment of the zone meeting which will be tomorrow. It talks about seeing the different Less actives through the parable of the sower. It just hit me that a lot of times we try and get to all the people, especially less actives, with the same approach and the same plan.

The beauty of the gospel is that it is one, and that it is always the same, but that each one of us is different and different parts can help every one of us. I was reading President Uchtdorf's talk about living the gospel simply this week as well, and I think that both those things are connected.

I love the gospel. It helps me grow. It helps me feel happy. But maybe the parts of the gospel that, in this time of my life, make me feel really happy and make me really grow, aren't the same ones that make you really happy or help you grow. That's the beauty of it! And when we go to invite someone who's fallen away from the church to come back, we need to understand that. Some of them are lost in vices and vain imaginations, like the thorn-covered land. So we gotta show them the beauty of repentance, and the peace that living the commandments brings us. Others have no root in themselves, and are not at all converted to the Lord! So we've gotta help them get some good soil, take root in themselves, and become committed people who strengthen themselves through acts of faith. And, there's some, who simply need the seed, because they're already ready. So we nourish them in a special way to make sure that the seed grows well and flourishes.

And that's the beauty of the gospel, to me. If everyone in the world could just understand how much happier they'd be with the gospel, they'd live it. So we go help them see that.

I hope you can all see the beauty of this gospel this week.

-Elder Henry
New years day, there was NO ONE in the streets. 
Shiblon up in a tree chasing after a cat haha

Just a toad

 I dunno why, but there were a TON of vultures over here one day. 
Dinosaurs existed when Christ was born, apparently...

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  1. So glad to see you cuddle a dog! You both look pretty happy. Again, loved to see you on Christmas & July will be here before we know it. I know it will be a happy/sad time for you, but you can come stay with Grampa & I here in Mexico & decompress! We are proud of you for working so hard, Honey. Love, Granny