Friday, January 1, 2016

Celebración de Navidad!

So, I don't really have time to write today. The computer that we used was super slow and there were a lot of photos to upload. But I've felt a lot better this week. I feel like I managed my stress a lot better, which is especially good considering the fact that this weekend was insane. Wedding, talks in sacrament meeting, classes to prepare, meeting, 3 dead missionaries  (heading home, for those not familiar with missionary slang) to send out and 3 mini missionaries to find for the ones who stayed. So, even through that, I managed to stay pretty stress free. It will be exciting to have a normal-ish week with more time to work this week.

-Elder Henry

"The cool kids' table"

A little stocking full of gifts that the Hayes made for each missionary.

Ciudad Neily, from the mountains heading to San Vito. How absolutely gorgeous!

Pupusas with the San Vito district!

Look how many tamales Ruma and Ruth made! (and they were delicious!)

Some nifty pools in Rio Claro's area!

The hill we had to climb to get to lunch. It was way longer that that little section, obviously...

Hna Perez, a Mexican, got rocked by this pepper. It's called the "Diablo" pepper. Ridiculously hot.

Pineapple plants!!!

I kinda broke a PVC tube, so we had to plug it up with a whiteboard marker...

Just walking in the sun with our umbrellas open...


Wedding time!

With Ruma =)

Ruma and Ruth's wedding!

The river in which I will, one day, swim. haha

Christopher and Aaron with their Christmas presents (CTR rings)

Celebración de Navidad! with the mission! 

View from our study area at 8am

I got Elder Ruiz a little dirty... (long story)

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