Wednesday, March 23, 2016

"I feel like I'm in an all you can eat missionary work buffet..."

Elder Vasquez (Spencer's companion he is training) baptized one of the people they have been teaching: "Baptism todo tuanis! He's super great :) and the sisters had a baptism too!"

This week was a great one. Every week is a great one here in Guacimo :) I feel like the days are so adventurous and long and enjoyable, but this change has just flown by! I just love the mission so much right now. I feel like I'm in an all you can eat missionary work buffet where I'm shoving as much down while I still can. (he has two more transfers, don't tell him though! We don't talk about these sad things!)

This week was challenging for all the right reasons. I really love the principle of seeking after challenges and growth instead of waiting for them to be forced upon you. 

(in my opinion) that's why week 11 exists in the 12 week New Missionary training program. Week 11 is where the New missionary has to do everything! So by confronting this challenge of being in charge of everything before you're obligated to do it by having changes (transfers), the New can learn the same principles as he seeks out challenges and growth in week 11, and in week 12 I can teach him all that he still needs to know so that when he does have to be in charge of the area, he can do it well and stress-free.

That said, it was a stressful week and a tough one haha. I told him starting the week that he'd get frustrated with himself and probably with me too, and that's how it was. But we were able to learn a lot and become better missionaries, and I know that it helped him a lot to see what more he could learn.

So it was a challenging week, but I'm glad it was like that, because the idea is that it helps Elder Vazquez so that it doesn't happen like it happened with me! I started training after my training and got really stressed out since I had to be in charge of everything.

Apart from that, Horacio got baptized :) He's such a wonderful guy and I'm so happy to see that he was able to make this covenant with our Heavenly Father.

The work goes on! Little by little :) A former missionary visited the ward yesterday and talked about how she saw the chapel so empty when she was there and now it was so full.

Have a great week everyone! Challenge yourselves to stretch a little farther and do a little more :)

-Elder Henry

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