Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Vacations no bueno!

See you never, Sister Tabora! Changes :'(   (Hermana Moon is staying in Guácimo to train another new missionary)
Hermano Otilio and us all (Elder Vasquez, Elder Henry) wore paisley ties last Sunday :)
Paisley crackers, the next best thing
Just a squirrel who visits our backyard to eat our coconuts
A member made us some nice new weights! :)

Whelp, goodbye March.
This week wasn't too interesting, besides the fact that I'll be staying another change with my kid, Elder Vazquez! :) Oh, and Elder Guirola's training again. 3rd grandkid! But it was nice to be able to give the Gospel Principles class yesterday about the Life Of Christ, a neat way to spend Easter.
Apart from that, it was a pretty normal week. A few days were pretty tough since everyone was gone on vacations, and besides that a lot of our investigators have been battling with different challenges. But we're working well and we'll see the miracles :) Just looking at numbers, in Paso Ancho they continue to baptize our old investigators. :)
So yeah, that's life here in Guacimo! We're all excited to see who the new sister missionary will be. On other news, I'm going to the temple on Thursday! Today we don't have Pday, just writing. Thursday will be Pday with our zone and a few more.
      Easter isn't really the big thing, Thursday and Friday are the most celebrated days. and yeah, they all go to the beach haha.
Have a great week, everyone! Enjoy General Conference! :)
-Elder Henry

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