Monday, April 25, 2016

Everything's normal here in Guácimo.

Someone gave us bananas!
 sunshine selfie!
Remembering the Gallo Pinto
 A beautiful Guácimo morning
 We may or may not have gotten to hold a 3 day old bird!

A video of the Guácimo missionaries helping with the birds one of the members cares for.

Hey everyone!

This week was fun. Being a missionary is fun. Especially in Guácimo with Elder Vazquez :) Apart from being soaked with sweat (literally, I never thought before the misión that it would literally happen), most days, it's been great. Just good old normal preaching and working and finding new ways to be better missionaries.

We really focused on improving our teaching a little bit more this week. It wasn't about doing anything new, just trying a little harder to make the lessons more lively and understandable. It worked :) I could definitely feel the difference in our lessons.

So yeah, the work goes on! Everything's normal here in Guácimo.

Have a great week everyone! Love you tons.

-Elder Henry
 Newsy replies to Mom:
Weather is hot and sweaty
Fear not mother, I'm (mostly) bug bite free. There aren't really many mosquitoes or anything here.
No, zika hasn't been anywhere here in Costa Rica.
Yeah I just know that it hasn't been since the "first case in Costa Rica" which was like 2 or 3 months ago.
(The baby bird) As far as I know it's still alive. A recent convert saved it and he's had birds before and knows what that type of bird eats, so I imagine it'll live. They're gorgeous bright blue birds when they're big. It was cool cuz it doesn't even have feather yet. I just uploaded a better picture of it. And a video of us grabbing birds which supposedly were gonna bite us.
But yeah I am really grateful for your help, mom. I just wanna make the transition as soft and fast as possible haha
But I have bad news; I'm definitely not giving my testimony in Spanish in my homecoming talk. Just FYI. Because testimony are said to be understood, and English is the language of my soul. :-)
Speaking of which, when do they give me the topic for the talk? Like 3 weeks before, right?
Hey fun fact about that haha in the Spanish versión of the Spongebob movie the song goes like this:
I'm a peanut yeah,
you're a peanut, yeah.
We are peanuts, yeah.
Peanut, peanut, yeah!
Peanut butter check, shoes are gettin pretty ghetto but I think they'll make it, and we're gonna go check out tourist shops today, but I think I'll have enough.
Ehhhh I'm too lazy to answer the questions.
But I love you tons and hope you have a great week mom!

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