Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Tired and Happy.

Guácimo area
This week can be really well summed up by those 2 words. It's been a really happy week, and a really tired week.

We've been seeing the fruits this week of our initiatives we implemented to find more new investigators. We're just meeting a ton of really great people all over the place. It's awesome! And they just seem to be of a higher quality than the people we were finding before. So that's happy. It's pretty cool seeing how God blesses our plans. Whenever I try and do something different or make some plan, it makes me remember a lot about the brother of Jared and the 16 stones. Stones are so not as good as light bulbs for lighting a ship up, but God made it work anyways. I don't really think that our ideas are the source of our success, but rather God just blesses them to work since we put our best effort into it.

Speaking of which, this week we're going to have a really cool initiative! We're going to play Meet The Mormons in Guacimo park! So all the members are inviting their friends to that, and then we'll just set up a baptismal font :-) nah just kidding haha but it should be cool. So as far as work goes, I can sum it up by saying that we have the wonderful problem of having a super full agenda.

So why was the week tired? Well, it was basically just the weekend.

Fasting in the mission is tough, but the fasts that I've had to do in Zona Sur and Guacimo (very hot, humid areas of the mission) are just insanely difficult for me. So that's why it was tired. On Saturday since 1pm I felt wiped and the day hadn't even started yet. But I really could feel the extra spirituality that fasting brings yesterday. I just woke up with a certain calm and peace within me that was really nice.

So yeah. Tired and happy. I love my companion, I love my area, I love the people, and I love working, so that's not much to complain about :)

Oh, and I love the food. Woohoo!

So yeah, that was the week. Have a great week everyone, I love you all tons!

-Elder Henry

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