Monday, May 30, 2016

It's the Lord's Work!

 Can you say Pipas??? Oosh!

 Guanabanas are cool

It was raining but we had to teach outside.... That's ok!

Goodbye, May!

This week was a good week.

I always thought that once I was putting baptismal dates for people I wouldn't ever be there to see their baptisms of, I'd not want to work anymore.

That's silly.

One thing I've really learned in these few months is that this time isn't mine. I gave it to God and it's His. I can't go and give Him a gift of 2 years of my dedication and then be trying to tell Him to give it back to me! I already gave Him the gift. And whether or not I have success, It's His work! It's not for my glory.

So if the work is His and the time is His and the converts (should be) His, why would I stop working because I won't see the fruits? Won't I be just as happy to hear that someone we found, or taught, in these weeks, got baptized in some future moment? Isn't that really the joy of missionary work? Being there in the service is nice and all, but the real joy comes from just knowing that they're doing better.

That's how I feel about Carlos. I don't care that I won't be here when he and his family get baptized. I'm just so happy that they went to church yesterday! He seemed to like it a lot and his daughter just loved it.

I just want them to be happy. So I'll keep working. That's my philosophy, anyways.

I've never, ever, all my life been good at finishing things out. I always did well and did well then kind of puttered out at the end. But it's different now that I have different motives. I know that if I were trying to take personal glory in the work, like I have done in some moments before, I wouldn't want to work anymore. But I just love this work and love my Heavenly Father. And when I remember that, I want to keep working.

I love you all and hope you have a great week! 

-Elder Henry
I just had to.....
Rock on, Sloth Man

Guanabana vs pineapple is like Godzilla vs mothra

 preparing the platano leaves for tamales!

 busy bees in the tamales factory

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