Monday, June 6, 2016

Guacimo Distrito Sion Beach Trip!

I broke down and finally took a nametag picture today...

Hey mom! Toe, health, and me being skinny are fine. Everything seems fine haha. We went to the beach today so there's not really much time to talk, like a half hour. But it was awesome! :)
(we had a discussion about BYU stuff and about needing to send him souvenir $ Western Union.) Well mom I love you tons! Things to do and people to save. Have a great week!

-Elder Henry
Hey dad!
Thanks for writing :) Sounds like fun with the pool and wrapping up the school year! Crazy how everything's coming to and end everywhere at the same time haha. I love you tons! Thanks for always writing :) I was thinking these days about how wonderful it is that in our house we say I love you to say bye. I really appreciate all the things you guys have done now that I've been outside the house for 2 years haha
-Elder Henry
Victor's baptism

We were able to go to the beach for pday! Playa Cauhita.
Heavenly Playa Cauhita
Distrito Sion!
So... monkeys love pretzels.

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