Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Being dead is strange.

Chilling with my companion Elder Colindres!
Being dead is strange. We've been wondering if the funeral shops sell name tag sized caskets (casket? The dead person box?), but we've been too embarrassed to ask.
(Don't worry friends, when a missionary goes home, it is mission slang to say he or she is "dying" and "dead.")
     We got to see President and Sister Hayes on Saturday for the sisters' wedding and baptism that their investigators had, and Sister Hayes asked how I felt. Diay, happy! Haha. I really haven't felt sad because I'm ending. I believe that it's just because these last few months, I feel like I've really met my potential as a missionary. So I don't feel full of regrets or "What-if's"! I just feel good and happy to end and be able to say I ended well. Well, I've gotta work hard 1 more week to be able to say that, but that's the idea.

We had some lessons with some of our favorite investigators this week, the work marches on, Victor's awesome and he said he's gonna come to church in a white shirt and tie next week so that we can take a picture before I go.

So yeah. That's the update from a dead missionary! Have a great week everyone!

-Elder Henry
We surprised Hermana Zerilli for her birthday, and I have plans to surprise my companion this week for his too!

    Hey dad! Sounds chill haha. Thanks for writing :) yeah studies are a scary thing to think about right now haha, but whatevs. I'll go die hard this week and worry about that next week! haha. 
     Love you tons dad :) thanks for everything! Have a great week!
    -Elder Henry

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  1. Hi Spence,
    We were in Eugene without internet & I didn't get to write you on your deathbed! We are so anxious to see you! You did get mentioned at Chanelle's graduation party. She graduated from U of O. You have done such a good job on your mission & we are so very proud of you. See you soon! Love, Granny & Grampa Ace