Wednesday, June 22, 2016

I'll miss having P-days.

Entertaining the crowd, that's our boy!

Well. My last p-day! I'll miss having P-days.

There's not much to say, but I just want to add my testimony to all those who have gone on missions that these really were the best two years.

I've learned so much, and grown so much. I feel so much happier now. I know more, I feel more, I love others more. I feel like a better person, a better neighbor, a better brother. I have a stronger testimony and know that what I've preached for 2 years is true. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints really does have the power and authority of God to act in His name. It was restored to Joseph Smith! Who later translated the Book of Mormon, which is the Word of God, by the Power of God. I know that's true thanks to the holy witness of God's Spirit.

But more importantly than what I've gained, I've been able to see the lives of many others change. They've decided to apply this gospel in their lives, and have seen the changes! They're happier, they know this is true, they've become better people. They've started a lifestyle which will influence generations, and have been converted to become the salt of the earth. They are now being examples to others, a light unto the world.

I love this work. When we serve others, our life has meaning and is valuable. I love the scriptures, I love the people, I love my companions, and I love Costa Rica!

See you all soon!
Well Mom, I love you tons! I'm so happy to be able to happy to go home to my family. I'm happy that were a happy little gospel living family.

See you on Thursday!

-Elder Henry
Meeting his fourth "grandson," Elder Guirola is training again!
Special Farewell Dinner at the Mission Home with the Hayes
Signing the handprint quilt the Hayes made for their mission

With Presidente and Hermana Hayes and the missionaries who spent half their mission in the San Jose Costa Rica Mission, and half in the San Jose Costa Rica East Mission. Well done thou good and faithful servants!

Goodbye to this wonderful district! Hermana Zerilli and Hermana Moon had changes this transfer to new areas.
Good bye to this wonderful zone and country!

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