Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Meeting President Hayes!

Locked and loaded! I'll never get lost anymore with R2D2 here...

Cristopher's baptism on Saturday! :)

I was a secretary (for 1.5 hours!) 

Whelp, it's officialy not my birthday week anymore! God really did bless me with a pretty awesome week this week.
Monday- we went to a park in San Jose with the Alvarado family, caught pigeons, ate McDonalds, and went to Pricesmart to buy gringo food for the house! Yay!
Tuesday- We cranked out a great start to the week, having a solid 5 or 6 lessons and feeling the spirit a ton.
Wednesday- We smashed it with a wonderful 8 lessons!
On Thursday we met President Hayes. We had a great capacitation with him which was concluded with a very nice interview. it was WAY different.  He's super different mom. I never imagined that a President could be so different and still so awesome. No, he doesn't chop the head at all like President Wilkinson. He just talks about how we need to be happy and how to be happy and love the people. it was super great, and he's pretty good on the barbecue too. :)  Then we went out and had another great day! We were able to take advantage of the little time we had, and we felt the Spirit a ton. 
Friday- My comp had to go to the Guatemalan embassy! So I got to chill with the secretaries (who are from my MTC group) for a few hours. Lots of fun :). Then we went back and had a pretty good day.
Saturday- Cristopher was baptized! At 10 in the morning haha. And then, at 6 pm, President Hayes showed up at the chapel! We were there for an activity, but he wanted to get there to see the baptism. Sadly, he didn't know that it was in the morning :( But it was cool to see him.
Sunday- Cristopher confirmed, week finished, and our other investigator is preparing really well for his baptism August 1st. :)
I don't have a ton of time to write this week, but it really was great, we saw miracles, and I'm so excited to do it all over again this week! haha. God loves us, and he wants us to be happy. I'm absolutely sure of that!
-Elder Henry
Pigeon feeding!

Ariel holding a pigeon!

Sorry mom, I held a pigeon too! When in Rome...

Us with some stylin' high heel statues...

My favorite photo =)
They baked me a cake! And then I had to stuff my face in it....(Costa Rican tradition)

My comp tried on someone's glasses...

My kid, the baptizing machine :')
Another secret cat meeting that I got in on... 
Hanging out for the month checkup at President's house! :)

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