Monday, July 20, 2015

The Parable of the Hungry Dog

We got a little wet yesterday (sorry, suitcoat!)

Saying bye to Hermana Ortiz :( She had transfers.
I can not believe July's almost over! The best month of the year :( haha just kidding. August is cool too!

These week I have had some ridiculous studies. Our investigators are really good, and know a thing or two from the Bible, and have thrown us some SERIOUS curveballs, where I've just had to say to them "Uh, look man, I have absolutely no idea what the answer is, can you give me a few days to study it out?"

But it's been a great feeling finding the answers! And then finding the best way to explain the answer to them, so that they can understand it as well.

A couple weeks (Days? I don't really remember...) ago, a members was commenting on how a good teacher needs to be able to find examples and lessons in every-day life, and then use those experiences to teach the class. I had been pondering on that, when we were eating lunch with the bishop's wife on Friday.

We were sitting outside eating lunch (which was super delicious), enjoying ourselves, when one of the neighbor dogs came up to the porton (how do you say porton?!?! Gate? It's like a garage door but not solid... it's a bunch of bars). He was pretty darn jealous of the delicious food we were enjoying. He was just kinda there, like whatever sort of dog. The bars are pretty close together, so he couldn't pass through to really bother us. 

But then, dessert came. Jello cups with fruits! YUM! But, my comp had the idea to give some to the dog. So, from where he was seated, he flung a bit of the jello&fruit to the dog. Oh boy did the dog LOVE it! and then my comp flung a little bit more.

But what happened, what impacted me, is the following:

My companion tossed a little bit more on the ground, but it didn't make it outside of the gate. The dog was so desirous to eat it, that he pushed and pushed until -- POP! He was inside the gate. I didn't even know he could fit! He quickly finished the jello treat, and it was obvious that he liked it and had enjoyed it, but he found himself with a slight problem. He had squeezed into the patio, but he couldn't squeeze back out. After pacing around for a little bit, the Bishop's wife got out the keys, unlocked the gate, and let him out.

Why did this impact me?

Before this life, we were presented something that really, really called our attention. It just seemed perfect. It was the \Plan of Salvation! Just imagine, the opportunity to gain a BODY! And become like God, knowing good from evil! Sure sounds tasty to me.

So we accept the plan. We squeeze through the bars of the veil and into this mortal life. and this life really is something delicious (if you're not enjoying life, you gotta change something, because it really is great)! We are able to have a body, have joy, experience so many things, have a family, and a whole long list more. 

So we're in the "garage". We've gotten in and enjoyed the treat. But how do we get back out? We're trapped in, separated from our Heavenly Father because of the physical death that'll eventually come, and our sins which makes it impossible for us to live where he is.

The human race just had to wait until someone came and opened the gate for us.

And that's exactly how it was! Christ came to the earth, he broke the bands of death, and he paid the price of our sins. All we've got to do is live the gospel of Jesus Christ, and we'll get back to our Heavenly Father again, this time with a body, knowledge of good and evil, and our families.

This seemingly insignificant event that happened on Friday really helped me be grateful for all that our Savior and Redeemer has done for me. I hope that you all can feel his life, every moment of every day.

I love you all! Have a wonderful week :)

-Elder Henry
Lunch with Bryan!

Hi Estefania!


Wooow! A worm with a head!

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