Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Do Your Best, God Will Take Care of the Rest

Ran into some of our friends from the west mission in central park!

Ezequiel's baptism :)

Check out the size of that cactus! WHAT?!

We found a church! (we went to San Francisco to do an interview).

more San Francisco exploring, some fun looking shrubbery.

Dance Alliance performance!

Sunbrella! The sun was super hot so my comp whipped out his umbrella so that he wouldn't burn... which made me laugh. :-)

Making Venezuelan arepas with the Alvarado family! Yumm
Hey everyone! I'm sorry that this letter is gonna be real small, the time seems to have escaped me today. (He had some surveys to fill out before he could write, he wasn't wasting his time =) )

This week we got to go see Dance Alliance! (the traveling dance group from BYU-Idaho). That was something super unexpected (I never thought we'd have permission to go) but really enjoyable. It made me remember that, sometimes, we get so focused as missionaries on the work and numbers and this and that that we don't take time anymore to just enjoy the beautiful things of life.

Aside from that, it's just been getting used to my duties as a District Leader. I got a little stressed out but remembered that the important part is doing our best, and trusting that God really will take care of the rest. I know that God will touch the hearts of people and of my missionaries, too, if I'm doing all I know how to do and trying to work through the Spirit.

I love you all a ton! August is gonna be a great month. Have a nice week!

-Elder Henry

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