Tuesday, August 11, 2015

I feel like Spongebob!

Photos wouldn't work this week, so here is one from an awesome member a couple weeks ago =)

This week was fun. It got kicked off with a good Monday and Tuesday, but the fun stuff started Wednesday.

We had a multi-zone conference with President Duncan! (Area President). It was really great. I got a lot of good ideas out of it, and I liked that he focused a lot on Faith in Jesus Christ. That we shouldn't be jumping to the topic of baptism before we teach them about faith and repentance. All in all, it was awesome. Lots of good new stuff to work with.

Then on Thursday we started the day off early with service at 8:30 in the morning, and we rushed around to finish lunch to head off and do an interview at 1 PM which then got canceled when we were about 30 second from the bus, so the day calmed down and we got some good work done. We found a new investigator who's super awesome. She lives with her grandma, because her mom died when she was little, so we're excited to go back and keep explaining her about the Plan of Salvation and how she can be with her mom forever.

On Friday we went to Los Tirrases! Which took forever. From Central Park, the bus took like an hour and 15 minutes. So we get there to do the interview and when we show up to the house, they weren't there :( So we headed on back to our area. We got back super late, at 6:30, but we were still able to fit in 4 lessons.

Then Saturday and Sunday were pretty normal days.

I think that I've turned into Spongebob.

The mission is funny because it sounds really, really routine. Wake up at the same time every day to study at the same time then eat and head out to work at the same time all day and we don't get payed! Exactly like Spongebob :-) But as I've given all I have to the Lord, I've seen that he fills me with joy. I simply enjoy it! I can forget about time and everything about life, and just focus on a few people looking to have a better life and a few missionaries to become better missionaries, and better people. 

I'm ready I'm ready I'm ready!

I've been reading a ton in Matthew this week, and It's been really interesting to me to see the dialogue between the Pharisees and Jesus. It makes me think a lot about the relationship between obedience and grace. The Pharisees were (ridiculously) obedient to the rules, but simply didn't understand the principle of grace. Christ paid for all of our sins, and nothing that we do pays for them. We could never! Our obedience is supposed to be a token of our love and dedication to follow Christ, but if we don't do it out of love, then it's not really useful. I've felt a change in my personal happiness and I've felt more fulfilled as I've started to obey simply out of love instead of obeying because A. I have to do it or B. because there's a present waiting for me.

I love you all! Have a great week.
Elder Henry

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