Monday, August 24, 2015

I love Paso Ancho!

Tracting this week

Hey everyone! I don't have too much time this week (too busy seeing all the wedding fotos), but I wanted to share 2 things.

Number 1. I've been here in Paso Ancho for 4 months now. When I got here, the ward had 1 convert in the first 5 months of the year, and the attendance was about 85-100. This Sunday we had an attendance of 134, and instead of 1 convert, there's 9. It has been so wonderful to see the miracles happen in this ward. 50% raise in attendance, people joining the Church, and just a huge change in the attitude of the ward. After church, it's now normal to see the majority of the people associating with each other and making new friends. It has been so great, and wonderful to see that I've been permitted to be a part of God's plans in this ward.
Zona Los Yoses!
Service Project!

 211 Selfie with Marcos :) 
 215 Garuto! My favorite cat here. It's like a man version of Tina!
 221 We made some rockin homemade juice! No pitcher? no problem! Laffy Taffy's got the answer.
223 Chillin under a fruit tree!
224 Elder Gonzalez with Canelo!
268 Happy birthday, Hermana Turner!!

Number 2.

First off, an explanation of the week
This week has been great. Just absolutely wonderful. When the days have ended, I have been wishing that we had had 3 or 4 hours more to work. I've just felt absolutely wonderful. Area's going well, my kid is doing well, the District did well, everything is awesome! I am absolutely in love with being a missionary. In love!

That ties in with the second thing, a sweet experience from this week.
On Friday, one of the missionaries in my district was pretty down. She had had a rough few days. I talked with her and did what I could, but felt pretty helpless. I remember in my night prayer asking specifically that she could feel how I've felt these days about working, and about being a missionary. with that, I hit the hay and life kept on goin.
Then, Saturday night rolls around! While talking (I talk with my missionaries every night), she told me that she had something way awesome to tell me. Ok, what is it? She told me that she had had a great day that day. Awesome! But the next words that came out of her mouth floored me. She said something like this: "Elder Henry, it has been so great today. I just feel exactly like you did yesterday! I felt like the day went by too fast! I wanted more time to work!"
It was a real testimony of how God answers prayers. And when we pray for specific things, it's really easy to see his hand when He does answer. 
I love this work. I know that, truly, when we are in the service of our fellowman, we are in the service of our God. I have felt so uplifted as I forget about myself and just try to help others. Sometimes my companion makes fun of me, because our nightly prayers take so long as I pray for them, name by name.
I love you all and hope you have a great week!--Elder Henry

Welcome to the ZOO!

240 Hey, jaguar friend!
242 Somebody wanted to eat me!
 229 First station, exotic birds!
232 The big birds like this one in the zoo weren't in cages for the most part, just chillin there on wood structures.
236 Hey there Simba!
 253 Just a funky flower that you don't see back home
 230 Turtles have some crazy parties

 277 More cat friends :-)
278 He hopped from my bag to Elder Gonzalez's!

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