Monday, August 31, 2015

Goodbye August...hello more miracles in September!

Another photo with Canelo! (Seriously the cutest dog ever)

Hello everybody and goodbye august!
August was a pretty good month. September's gonna be even better!
This week are transfers, but I'm stayin' here in Paso Ancho! And my kid Elder Gonzales's sticking around for another transfer, too! That surprised me a lot because normally when a new missionary finishes his training, he or the trainer has changes, but we're just chilling together still! So I'm pretty excited. It'll be great to have 6 weeks with a companion where we've already got the rhythm and everything down.
So this week we saw some super awesome miracles. I have just seen how the Spirit touches the hearts of people.

For example we have this great investigator! And she has been doing everything and steadily receiving her testimony. But she kept saying that she was "50% sure" or "50% ready to be baptized" When, really, she had her answer already! Anyways, on Saturday night, she called the member that we've been working with with her, and told him that she had felt the firm impression that she needs to get baptized, now. Even though there's some barriers she knows that she's gotta get baptized! And her 2 sons are also doing well. So it seems like the 3 of them are gonna get baptized in September.

A lot of things like that! They were literally miracles! Nothing about showing people how they need to do anything, simply seeing the desire grow out of them out of nothing! it's been really great and I can see that the Lord is really prospering our district. we have a lot of really great possibilities for baptisms in September.
It's honestly just been an incredible time here in Paso Ancho. On Sunday we had an attendance of 136, which is a new record. It's a really high attendance and it looks like it's staying there! There were enough seats for approximately 5 more people. So things are looking good for our goal here, the expansion of the chapel. Apart from that, people are bringing friends to the church, and we're meeting people who want to come back to church, and everything's just working! It really is a testimony to me that God's will can't be frustrated.
There's a scripture which I love in Alma 50 (or maybe it was 51), that talks about the time that the people were living as being the happiest time that had existed among the Nephites. That's pretty much how I feel! We have to be sent challenges, and that's a part of life, but God also gives us times to enjoy and just have things go right.
I love you all! Have a wonderful week.
My new epic chess set! My companion always makes me be the conquistadores =(

Missionaries with Jackilyn!

Elders with Lorena!


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