Monday, September 21, 2015

Milagros! Miracles!

Happy Independence Day!

 This baptism was from the Hermanas. But this Saturday we'll have 4 and one from them, too. It's gonna be a party :)

This week has basically been jampacked with miracles. The district is gonna end with 9 baptisms (imagine that, last month we had 2 in the district.) And every area is going to baptize! :) :)
What a great week. It's been full of roadtripping!

On Tuesday, we had a zone meeting, so that was pretty roadtrippy.

Then on Wednesday morning, I headed out for Los Tirrases! which is about an hour away from central park in bus. I was on divisions there with the zone leaders for 2 days, and Friday finally got back in my area. So we were there for a few hours, and Friday night we headed out to San Francisco, to see Elias's baptism, from the secretaries! Then on Saturday I was finally home all day, and on Sunday we had a surprise baptism pop up! So we jumped in a car and headed over to Barrio Lujan to do the interview. Tomorrow I head over to Los Tirrases again, and tour Concepcion while I'm at it, and then everything will calm back down.

Oh, and today I go back to San Francisco to see the sisters' baptism!

So that's basically been life. But it's been great. We've seen a lot of miracles this week. a LOT of miracles.

Let me tell the miracle of Y. The hermanas in San Francisco have been working with Y for a while now, and she was scheduled to get baptized on the 21st (today). She was really nervous, but had some sweet experiences that made her decide yes! she was gonna get baptized. So everything was looking good. Until we got to Friday.

Y started hiding from the missionaries and didn't answer the phone or anything, and they had no idea why. The finally got ahold of her aunt, who informed them that Y, for whatever reason, didn't want to get baptized anymore, and that's why she was hiding from them.

So, out of options, and without any way of communicating with her to help change her mind, the sisters did the only thing left. They fasted! And they were able to see the miracles promised with fasting. They sent a message on Saturday, which Y didn't respond to, as usual, but when they got to church on Sunday, there was Y! And she asked them if she could still get baptized today. God heard their prayers and touched Ys heart, changing her mind and speaking peace to her heart. It was a real testimony builder about fasting, and made possible that this month every area in our district has a baptism. The week has been full of experience like that.

I love this work. I was listening to a talk by Henry B Eyring today where he talked about how we'll see in our different roles in life how God works miracles to help us do a work that we could never have been able to do alone. I know that that's happening here.

Have a great week! and really pay attention to see those miracles happen.

-Elder Henry
PS Haha yeah I have been doing great writing in my journal. It's pretty tough since no one ever puts emphasis on it, but I started to think about what I wanted my kids to have of my mission and I said ok I'll do it haha.

Just a little Alvarado family fun time :-).

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