Monday, September 14, 2015

Temple Trip with Paso Ancho!

 Everbody ready for a road trip! To the temple!
Paso Ancho Missionaries!
  Pure young men converts here in Paso Ancho!
 Young men and almost young men (us) temple shot! :)
Temple trip! Woohoo!

So the highlight of the week was definitely the temple trip. On Wednesday we had a Ward Temple Trip, and since we had recent converts, less actives, and investigators all going, President gave us permission to go as well! It was so wonderful to visit the House of the Lord, and feel the wonderful spirit that always abides there. 

I think my favorite part about the trip was how it affected one of my favorite converts. Maybe because he reminds me a lot of me before the mission. The difference is he lives with his grandma and his dad, who's a drunk and got kicked out of the house like 2 weeks ago. It's a really tough situation for him and a really gratifying experience to step in and be that mentor for a youth who doesn't have the support system we all deserve of a family. So he wasn't doing so hot, he wasn't reading in the Book of Mormon or anything, so we went Sunday and talked to him real clearly that he needed to step up his game. On Wednesday he went to the Temple, and since then he's just been different. More receptive, more spiritual, and more friendly with the other youth in the ward. It's really, really wonderful to see change take place in people's hearts. I love the mission so much and feel like where I have converts, I leave a piece of my heart. 

Have a great week everyone! Remember to get out to the Temple and enjoy the great blessing and convenience we have nowadays of entering a Temple.
-Elder Henry

Saprissa played, so we both brought our matching (design) purple ties!

I ran into Elder Tullis! And again today at the Internet cafe, he's companions with Elder Acuña, one of my favorite companions!

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