Monday, September 28, 2015

The Challenges are There for a Reason

(his photos wouldn't upload and he had computer problems, but here is a photo from President Hayes, at the baptism Saturday! And he said about his pants: "Yeah I may or may not have lost my baptism pants in my first area... The ones I've used these 2 weeks do not fit me at allll hahaha", hopefully he'll pick up some new ones soon like Mom asked him to)
Hey everyone! I don't really have time today, but I'm alive!
     I just wanna share one quick experience. Yesterday, a member invited us to go visit someone with him. When he was in the temple he had felt that we should go and visit them with him. After having a leg amputated, he's now fighting cancer. It was such a humbling experience to go share with him a little bit. We're going to keep visiting him and his family, but it just really reminded me to be grateful for all that I have. I just left the house feeling so dumb for the things I whine about, when I've got the opportunity to be here, healthy, working, while so many people like him don't have that opportunity.
     I know this Church is true, and that God Has a plan! I testified of that to him, and I do so to all. God loves us! The challenges are there for a reason.
Have a great week, everyone!
-Elder Henry

1. Did you get shoes?
2. How is it going with the ZL's?
3. Did you have an interview with President when he came for Zone Conf?
4. How are you eating?
5. How are your feet and health?

1. Yes! I got shoes. They're super nice and I love them and my knees don't hurt anymore :-)
2. Good. Normal. My district had a super good month, 7 baptisms, but the other district didn't baptize, so the district's good but the zone's pretty bad.
3. No 
4. Yum! I've lost weight here in Paso Ancho. But just because I don't eat a lot. We eat pretty well here mom haha I love foood
5. Feet good, health good. I haven't gotten sick in a loong time
6. GOOD! stressful. Glad it's done with and that they're all baptized and confirmed now!

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